Factory 2 is built!

After nearly 3 years of construction, the new company building stands. There is still a lot of interior work to do, but the end is foreseeable.

With 3 floors and a partial basement in the electronic production area with a total of 3600 square meters is sufficient space for production, shipping, warehouse, office and social rooms available.

Anlieferung Hermle Fräsmaschine

The production facilities Hagstrasse and Unterrot will be merged in the new plant. In the new hall, the machine park will be expanded to include a 5-axis milling machine.

"The great depth of vertical integration within ETH messtechnik is important to us, so that we can respond quickly and flexibly to individual customer requirements." says the owner and managing director Joachim Hauenstein.

The climate and heat technology of the entire building is sophisticated. Based on experience that has already proven itself in the main building Hagstrasse 10, a forward-looking energy concept was developed: The entire building is air-conditioned, and the core of the facility is an energy storage system consisting of 2 water tanks with a total capacity of 600 cubic meters, with additional underground pipes for heat production in winter or cooling in summer to support the concept. With the solar system with 90 kW / solar hour, photovoltaic with 100 kW, a gas-fired combined heat and power plant and heat pump as well as the air heat exchanger in the ground, the energy consumption is minimized and ensures year-round for a balanced indoor climate.

"The investment costs can be calculated" says the technology-enthusiastic client "the future energy costs will increase. This is an investment in the future "

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