DRVL: modified!

+ Development! + Optimized performance!

DRVL Torque sensor with large input voltage range, wide speed range for speed and angle measurement

with angle or speed measurement

23 torque ranges from ± 0 - 0,02 Nm
to ± 0 - 20.000 Nm

  • Large input voltage range (10 - 28,8 V).
  • Frequency output 10 kHz ± 5 kHz (RS422).
  • Large speed range for speed- and angle measurements.
  • Adjustable output level for speed- and angle signal (5 - 24 V).
  • Better electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
  • Optional 0,05% linearity error.


datasheet torquesensor DRVL instruction torquesensor DRVL


Our newest and smallest!

+  custom-made  +  custom-made  +

DRFSB: Custom-made special development, Torque range: 5 NmCustom-made
special development

Torque range:
5 Nm



Torque transducer suitable for impact drilling machines.
The shaft in the machine is replaced by a shaft modified by us.

The angle of rotation measurement is implemented via the gearwheel. The resolution depends on the number of teeth.


+++ custom-made! +++ custom-made! +++

  Datasheet (pdf)

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Great news for our customers!DRBK torque transducers are suitable for lab and industrial applications

New arrival for the successful DRBK family!

New torque ranges!
| 0,5 Nm | 1 Nm | 2 Nm |

Special features of the DRBK series

  • Very short
  • Current output and voltage output
  • Measurement accuracy: ≤ 0.5% of full scale
  • Integrated signal amplifier
  • Optional speed measurement
  • Multipurpose use
  • Stand-out quality and sensational value!

Series DRBK torque transducers are suitable for lab and industrial applications because of their small size and multiple mounting options. As supply voltage and output signal are transmitted without contact, the device can operate continuously with low wear and no maintenance. These transducers are also available with speed measurement for a host of applications. ....

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Trade fair Nürnberg





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