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DRVL Torque sensor with advanced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and adjustable output level for speed- and angle signal (5 - 24 V)


Torque ranges from ± 0 - 0,02 Nm
to ± 0 - 20.000 Nm
with angle and speed measurement

New Features
  • advanced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • adjustable output level for speed- and angle signal (5 - 24 V)
  • larger speed range for speed- and angle measurements
  • larger input voltage range (10 - 28.8 V)
  • Frequency output 10 kHz ± 5 kHz (RS422)
  • optional 0.05% linearity error

Series DRVL torque transducers are suitable for lab and industrial applications because of their small size and multiple mounting options. As supply voltage and output signal are transmitted without contact, the device can operate continuously with low wear and no maintenance. These transducers are also available with optional speed and angular measurement for a host of applications. The integrated signal amplifier is powered with 10 - 28,8 V DC and outputs an electrically isolated analog signals of 0 ± 10 V and 10 kHz ± 5 kHz.
The standard version has smooth shaft ends, several types are available with optional keyways (see table).

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Torque sensors for screwing technology, laboratory applications and test benches.

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