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Torque Sensors


Screwing Simulators

Force Sensors




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Torque Sensors

Rotating torque sensors, Cylindrical shaft end

DRVL: Torque sensor with speed or rotation angle measurement |

DRFL: Torque sensor with speed or rotation angle measurement

DRBK: low-cost sensor in short design

DRBK-A: Torque sensor with integrated display

DRDL: Torque transducer with 2 measuring ranges

DRWPL: Waterproof torque transducer (IP40)

Rotating torque sensors, Square / Hexagonal Drive

DRFN: with or without angle function

DRFS ¼: torque transducer with hex drive

DRFS ¼" w-s: Flange for connection to bar-screwdrivers

DRFS-l-w: with hex drive and rotation angle detection

DRFSK: short design, suitable for screw machines

DRFDN: Torque transducer with digital output

Torque Sensors static, Cylindrical shaft end

DRW-K: compact dimensions and 100% control

DRB1DRB1: high measuring signal even at low torques

DRB2: robust, great safety overload

DRT1: Impact resistant, interchangeable adapters

DRT2: fixed mounting, max. Measurement error 0.2% v.E.

Torque Sensors static, Square / Hexagonal Drive

DRN ¼ "-1": Load measurement on actuators

DRN 1½ - 2½ ": Inspection of screw fitting tool

DRT3 + DRT4: resistant to lateral loads, can be installed permanently

PH: Test equipment monitoring

Torque Sensor, Customized

DRDML DRDMS DRDMN: mechanical connection to Maxon gearbox

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Testbench, Customized Design

DPFR-001: Clamping force of pressing

DPFR-VPHGMV2: Check screw cap

DPFR-002: Damper testing, quality control and material optimization

DPFR-003: Testing of ultrasonic welding

DPFR-004: Testing device for the friction torque

DPFR-007: Test equipment for checking of aluminium pressure ciecasting parts

DPFR-008: Test apparatus for measurement and adjustment of the friction coefficient at bevel gear with evaluation and documentation

DPFR-009: Adhesion factor at gear units

DPFR-013: To calibrate test equipment and adjust coils

DPFR-015: Test device for frictional torque on cars

DPFR-020: Tester for dental engine

DPFR-025Braking torque clutch spring

DPFR-027: Checking the adhesion factor at gear units

DPFR-X01: Verification threaded spindle

DPFR-X02: Setting and checking of wrenches

DPFR-029: Examination of cogging torque of electric motors with permanent magnet

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Screwing simulator

Screwing simulator | VS-DRT1 |

Screwing simulator | VS-DRT2 |

Screwing simulator | VS-H |

Screwing simulator | VS-PH |

Screwing simulator | VSV1 |


Force Sensor

Forcesensor | 8523 + 8531 |

Ringforcesensor | SM 70 |

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Measuring Module | ValueMasterBase |

Supply and Display Unit | ValueView 291-1 |

Supply and display device | ValueView 291-1-003 |

Microprocessor-controlled supply and display unit | GMV2 |

Microprocessor-controlled supply and display unit | GMV2-K |

Switchbox for Torque Transducer | Switchbox |


Amplifier | DMSVE |

Digital Panel Meter

Digital Panel Meter | M2 |

Digital Panel Meter | PU5 |




DC-DC Transformer TS 35

Circuit Breakers LTE


Printer | MWD3 |

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